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Commercial Grade
Industry Standard Hinges ...

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ball bearing hinge full motise hinges Spring loaded hinge commercial grade all bearing hinges

Ball Bearing Hinges
(Standard & NRP)

Continuous Full Mortise
Lock (FM) Hinges
Spring Loaded

PBB 4B81
Commercial Grade Ball Bearing Hinge

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Butt Hinge

Plain Bearing Butt Hinges

Ball Bearing Butt Hinges

Spring Hinges
Double Acting Hinges

The butt hinge is commonly used on interior and exterior doors because it is neat looking. It consists of two rectangular leaves with screw holes. The leaves are joined by a pin or metal rod. Withdraw this pin and the leaves will separate, handy for when you want to take down the door.

Architectural Grade Hinges are our highest quality hinges. The brass base material will never rust and finishes look much better on solid brass base materials.

Heavy duty butt hinge made for heavy doors and gates. Hinge is designed to be installed as a full mortise hinge.

Spring hinges come in a variety of different types. Round Corner and Square Corner Butt Spring Hinges. Double acting spring hinges swing in both directions.
Double acting spring hinges are also known as "Saloon Door" hinges. Invisible spring door hinges.


Wide Throw Hinges
Swing Clear Hinges

Heavy Duty Door Hinges

Continuous Geared Hinge

Architectural Grade
Ball Bearing Hinge

Swing Clear and Wide Throw hinges are similar in that their design moves the pivot point of the door to a difference location than that of a regular butt hinge. Swing Clear hinges have an offset pivot point that allows the door to swing completely clear of the door opening. Great for wheelchair access.

Heavy Duty Hinges for Doors. Ball bearing butt hinges. Wide Throw Hinges. Heavy Duty Strap Hinges
Heavy Duty Floor Hinges. Heavy Duty Concealed Hinges

Continuous geared hinges.
These hinges are a superior type of heavy duty continuous hinge. The hinge has a continuous gear that distributes the weight of the door evenly over the entire length of the hinge, rather than concentrate it on one or two small hinge pins.

These Architectural Grade hinges are recommended for the heavier doors found on custom homes and as an upgrade for Residential Grade hinges. Architectural Grade hinges are thicker and of much higher quality than Residential Grade hinges

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